These are the latest changes published in recent major releases of Fretuoso. Detailed announcements are also made directly on the Catloaf Software Blog.

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Version 6.11

April 2022

  • Now requiring iOS 12 or later.

Version 6.10

October 2021

  • Support for the screens of the latest iPhone and iPad devices, notably the new iPad mini (6th generation).

Version 6.9

April 2021

  • Added app privacy choices: you may now opt out of tracking used for personalized ads.
  • Some major internal changes to the app that will help us provide a better experience in future versions. We also fixed a bunch of bugs in the process.

Version 6.8

January 2021

  • Some additional support for iOS 14 and assorted new devices.

Version 6.7

December 2020

  • Updates to support iOS 14 and the latest iPhone 12 devices.
  • Fretuoso can also be installed on the new macOS Big Sur on the new Macs with Apple Silicon!
  • Instrument editions of the apps have been deprecated and removed from the App Store. Please move to the main Fretuoso app if you were still using them, as these apps will not be getting any further updates.

Version 6.6

December 2019

  • Updates to support iOS 13 and the new Dark Mode.

Version 6.5

September 2019

New feature: iCloud syncing! Your statistics and preferences are now saved online and automatically synced among all the devices using your iCloud account.

Your instrument purchases are also synced between the various editions of the app, so if you bought our Guitar Edition and now start using the main Fretuoso app, the guitar instrument will be automatically unlocked. Individual instrument editions will be phased out soon, so please switch to the main Fretuoso app now if you are still using any of them.

Version 6.4

March 2019

  • Removed the obsolete Facebook integration.

Version 6.3

November 2018

  • Updated for iOS 12.
  • Updates for the latest iPhone and iPad Pro devices.
  • Added support for Siri shortcuts in iOS 12.

Version 6.2

February 2018

  • Worked around issues preventing certain users from being able to load instruments.

Version 6.1

November 2017

  • Updated for iOS 11.

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